Andhra Bank NEFT Form, Rules, Timing, Charges & How to do NEFT?

Andhra Bank NEFT Form, Rules, Timing, Charges & How to do NEFT?: National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT Online Funds Transfer to other banks) Called AB Xpress. With National Electronic Funds Transfer you can transfer funds and make Credit card payments to any bank across India. With this service your transactions are easier, and, with fewer restrictions, they reach further than before. In this article we provide complete details for Andhra Bank NEFT like – How to send payment via Andhra Bank NEFT, Charges of Andhra Bank NEFT, Timing of Andhra Bank NEFT etc.. Now check more details for Andhra Bank NEFT From below…

What is NEFT?

National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT) is a funds transfer mechanism where transfer of money takes place from one bank to another on the same day . In other words, this is an electronic payment processing environment wherein transactions are settled as soon as they are processed.

Who can avail Andhra Bank NEFT facility

  • Customers of the branch where they are having Savings/Current Accounts
  • Walking customers for below Rs. 50,000.

In what way it is beneficial to the Customers

Customer can remit funds to the account of another bank branch and The funds are transferred instantaneously at nominal charges

Minimum and Maximum Amount for Transfer

  • Minimum: Rs.1
  • Maximum: No Limit

Andhra Bank NEFT Form, Rules, Timing, Charges

Andhra Bank NEFT Charges

Outward Transaction SlabCharges not exceeding
Upto Rs.10,000/-Rs. 2.50 per transaction
Upto Rs.1 lakhRs. 5.00 per transaction
Above 1 lakh to 2 lakhRs. 15.00 per transaction
 Rs.2 lakh and above Rs. 25.00 per transaction

 How to Send Payment via NEFT

There are two ways to send payment via NEFT and one of them is 1. NEFT via Online Internet Banking and 2nd is 2. NEFT via Bank Branch..

NEFT via Bank Branch : If you want to make NEFT via offline mode i.e from Bank Branch then you need to visit your nearest Andhra Bank Branch and Request for NEFT Form or Slip and Fill all the require details asked in NEFT Form and submit to Cashier, Now you bank brach send payment to another person within 2 working hours

NEFT Via Internet Banking : You may also send money via NEFT by using your Andhra Bank Internet Banking Service, for using Internet banking, you need to login at Andhra Bank Website and then you will require to add new Beneficiary and then you are able to make payment via NEFT. Online NEFT is enabled for all customers of Andhra Bank (Internet Banking) with full transaction right. If you would like to avail Andhra Bank NEFT Facility then please download the application form or visit to your Andhra Bank Brach and submit the duly filled form to your base branch. If you are already a Andhra Bank Connect customer with “view right” and would like to avail full transaction right, please resubmit your application form (can download from above URL) to you base branch.

What the customer must have for remittance

IFSC of the bank branch to which the remittance to be made (IFSC is 11 characters code)
Beneficiary account number, Name and Address (to whom the remittance is intended to )
Approach the branch with the above details

How to get the IFSC of the branch

Indian Financial System Code (IFSC) means a unique code of 11 digits of NEFT/RTGS enabled Branches. Normally, this code will be printed on the cheque books OR it may be obtained from the branch where the account is maintained. It is also available on the RBI website. In case the IFSC of the beneficiary bank is not known, the same can be obtained by selecting the Bank and Branch while registering the beneficiary.

  • It is available on the cheque leaf supplied by the bank
  • Can also get from the branch

What is the time frame for reaching the funds at the other end

Within 2 hrs of remittance on the same day

Cut off time for remittance through Andhra Bank NEFT

  • Monday to Saturday : 08:00 hrs to 19:00 hrs
  • NEFT works on all days except on 2nd & 4th Saturday of the month, Sundays and National Holidays

Importance Account Number

Outward : While remitting the funds, Account Number of the beneficiary is to be mentioned correctly in the voucher (to whom the remittance is intended to ).
Inward : While seeking remittance from other bank Customers it is mandatory to quote your 15 Digit Finacle Account Number compulsorily.

What is the Benefits of Andhra Bank NEFT

  • Andhra Bank NEFT is Available to all – All our Net banking (existing & new) users are eligible to utilize this on-line facility.
  • Andhra Bank NEFT Facility is simple, convenient, quick and secure – Users can transfer funds to the beneficiaries in other banks in a simple, convenient and seamless manner. Funds transfer to other banks is faster, secure and safe
  • Customers can use Andhra Bank NEFT Anytime, anywhere… Simple and easy to operate – from home / office anytime, anywhere, Save time and energy
  • Get more for less – Andhra Bank NEFT cost less than the conventional modes of remittance such as DD/MT

Can I Stopped NEFT Payment be initiated?

No. Once the transaction is put through, payment cannot be stopped

Important Instructions for Andhra Bank NEFT

  • The Funds transfer request made by 6 p.m. will be presented to RBI on the same day. The Funds transfer request made after 6 p.m. will be presented to RBI on the next working day.
  • On Saturdays (excluding second and fourth saturday), funds transfer request made by 6 p.m. will be presented to RBI on the same day. The Funds transfer request made after 6 p.m. will be presented to RBI on the next working day.
  • Funds transfer request made on non- working days will also be presented to RBI on the next working day
  • The actual time taken to credit the account depends on the time taken by the Payee’s Bank to process the payment
  • The money will reach the Payee’s bank within the time stipulated by the Reserve Bank of India

Andhra Bank Helpline Number

For further details and redressal of NEFT complaints, please contact at following address:
Andhra Bank, Service Centre,
11, Homi Modi Street, Bansilal Building
Fort, MUMBAI 400 001
Phone : 022-22610228/22610106
email: [email protected]

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