Benefits of Add on Credit Cards, What are add on credit cards?

Benefits of Add-on Credit Cards, What are add on credit cards?. Credit cards are becoming a necessity. When shopping online or at shops. Banks are also providing privileges like cash back and discounts for the benefit of the user. This has increased the usage of credit cards. Similarly if a card holder has dependents who wish to use credit card, the best way is to get add on credit cards. Add on credit card can provide many benefits however the user should be cautious.

What are add on credit cards?

Add on credit cards are supplementary credit card which you can provide to your dependents. Here the credit limit is shared by multiple users.

But the primary card holder has the power to define the limits of add on credit card. Through add on credit card the user can get all the advantages a primary card holder get.

Add on credit cards are great for children or spouses or dependents of the primary holder. It is great for users who do not indulge in primary spending.

Banks charge a very nominal fee to issue add on credit cards. Sometimes add on credit card have annual fees. If the spending exceed a certain limit the annual fee is waived off.

The primary card holder can join in as many add on credit as they want. However the limit of each add on credit card will be less than the primary card holder’s limit.

Usually banks offer additional credit card for free but a small fee may befall them. The primary holder should only give add on credit card for people who can care for it.

Sometimes the dependent is not eligible to get a credit card of their own. Through add on credit card, the dependent can also avail the benefits of credit card without actually buying the card. This can also help in increasing credit card points. Adding a child as add on card holder can help build their credit history. This way when they apply for their own credit card they have a good chance to get a credit card.

Benefits of Add on Credit Cards

Linking a cardholder to the credit card can get you their points. This mean you get more points. If you get cards like American Express which allow you to transfer points you can avail a lot of benefits.

The benefits include reward points, offers and discounts. The main card holder will get SMS alerts whenever add on card holder makes a purchase using the card.

It is great for those who want to get maximum points from their banking.

You can easily hit the spending thresholds and avail benefits arising from them. Many cards waive off their fees. You can also unlock benefits that arise only after spending more than the threshold.

In the end the bank generates the consolidate credit card statement. Since the ultimate responsibility is of the primary holder.


Hence it is advised that proper due diligence should be done before getting any add on credit card. Though it can be beneficial for primary holder since their dependents can shop anytime. This can help a primary cardholder save a lot of time. However, sometimes the credit card company can charge an additional annual fee. However, the primary holder should add carefully since their own credit score is on the line.

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