Best Mutual Funds to invest in 2019 – List of Top Mutual Funds 2019

Best Mutual Funds to invest in 2019. Find list of top mutual funds to invest in 2019, Best Mutual Funds 2019 Based on the past market analysis, we have hereby compiled a list of mutual funds which have provided great returns. You can consider the same if you are planning to invest in them. However, we sincerely request you to read the offer document carefully before investing. In this article you can find complete details for best Mutual fund plans to Invest in 2019 like – Details for MIP (Monthly Income Plans), DMF (Debt Mutual Funds), Small & Midcap Funds, Large Cap Mutual Funds etc, Now you can scroll down below and check more details…

Best Mutual Funds to invest in 2019

Best Mutual Funds

Best Mutual Funds to invest

MIP (Monthly Income Plans) :

If you are an investor who requires stable monthly income, then here is the cake for you! Below is the list of a few MIP’s for your consideration:

Period6 months1 year3 years
Birla SL MIP II-Wealth 25 (G)15.2 %23.4 %13.5 %
UTI MIS – Advantage Plan (G)12 %19.7 %12 %

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DMF (Debt Mutual Funds) :

If you are a risk avoider & there is no urgency of receipt of income, then this would be the right investment for you. Debt Mutual Funds are again a very safe investment which will provide you timely & fixed returns.

Following are a few Debt Mutual Funds which definitely deserve a thought:

Debt Mutual FundRETURNS (%)
Period6 months1 Year3 Year
HDFC High Interest – Dynamic7.6 %11.4 %10 %
UTI Dynamic Bond Fund (G)6.7 %11.9 %10.6 %
Reliance Dynamic Bond (G)6.6 %10.3 %10.3 %

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Small & Midcap Funds:

If you are a risk seeker, then the following is for you. These types of funds invest in small and mid cap companies. The Risk Return Ratio is comparatively high in such companies as compared to the above mentioned types.

Following are a few good return giving small & mid cap mutual funds:

Small & Mid Cap FundRETURNS (%)
Period6 months1 year3 years
Franklin (I) Smaller Cos (G)47.9 %90.4 %36.5 %
Reliance Small Cap Fund (G)62.2 %119.5 %35.2 %
Can Robeco Emerg-Equities (G)56.5 %98.3 %32.3 %

As we can see from the above that the return on investment is quite high as compared to the other mutual funds but this huge return is coupled with huge risk also. So you need to be very careful while investing in such funds.

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Large Cap Mutual Funds:

Again this is for a risk bearer person! These funds invest a large sum of money in companies with large capitalization rate. These funds generally provide stable and consistent returns over a long run of time. However, again these are subject to market risks. Following is a list of worth considering Large Cap Mutual Funds:

Large Cap Mutual FundRETURNS (%)
Period6 months1 year3 years
Birla Sun Life Top 100 (G)29.5 %44.2 %22.5 %
UTI Equity Fund (G)31.9 %44.6 %21.3 %
SBI Blue Chip Fund (G)31.3 %44.3 %23.4 %

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