Ways People Use to Convert Black Money Into White Money 2021

How to Convert Black Money Into White Money. Tips for How to Convert Black money to white money. After Ban of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 Note many persons want to convert his black money in to white money. Recently Modi Govt Ban Rs 500 and Rs 100 Note and this is very good step taken by modi govt and many persons are searching and call to CA’s for how to Convert Black money into white money, here we provide some tips for how you can convert your black money into white money.

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How to Convert Black Money Into White Money

What is Black Money – First we Understand What is Black Money – Black money is tax evaded income. It can be earned through both legal and illegal means. The majority of the black money is the income received in cash not accounted in books and not revealed to the government for tax purposes. The Most Black money is available in real estate market.

How Black Money is Generated

Following are main sources of Black Money, Most Black Money is generated from following Sources – Corruption, Sale of property, Sale of goods without Invoice, Provide Services without invoice, Accounting for fictitious expenses etc.

Generating Black Money by Sale of property – Mr. Lakshit buys a property from Mr. Sanjay for a total sale value of Rs.30 Lakhs and He takes Rs. 20 Lakhs via cheque or DD and the balance in cash. He pays stamp duty on Rs.20 Lakhs and retain remaining 10 Lakhs so Rs 10 Lakhs is considering as Black Money, He can not pay tax on Rs 10 Lakhs and This money is considered as black money..

How to Convert Black Money Into White Money

Modi Govt Give Chance to all Black Money Holders for Converting His Black Money into White Money till 30th September 2016 and on that scheme, you will require to pay only 45% Tax for Convert your black money into white money. Now This Scheme is not available and if IT Department find any black money then he impost 200% Penalty on your Income.

Currently There are no way to Convert your Black Money into White Money, All Tips Available in Internet are Fake,  only 1 or 2 tips are available and by using that tips you my convert only some money from black into white. Check Some tips from below…

By Showing Agricultural Income – Agricultural Income is exempt from Income Tax. This means the money earned from the sale of paddy, pepper or wheat is exempt from tax. So, the people who earn black money will obtain a fictitious receipt from traders in agricultural commodities as if they have sold the products. For the sake of records, these people will acquire or show the proof of ancestral property in villages!

Depositing in banks less than Rs.200000 – This route is taken by small time operators. They open multiple bank accounts and deposit cash upto Rs.40000 at a time and repeat this procedure 5 times (Means Deposit Rs 40000 5 times). Remember, if you have to deposit over Rs.50000, you have to give PAN details to the banker. Mostly, these kind of petty transactions goes unnoticed by the income tax department and thus, black money is converted to white without paying any taxes.

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