Dhani Loan 2023: How to Get a Loan from Dhani App Instantly?

Dhani Loan 2023: Dhani is pretty easy and convenient to take a loan from the app. The entire process is entirely online, so it’s pretty convenient and hassle-free as well. The loan amount also ranges from thousands to lakhs according to the needs of an individual. There are plenty of loans available, and you can take any according to the situation. In this article, we will give all the details related to the Dhani App loan. Now check out process of How to Get a Loan from Dhani App? from below

Features of Dhani Loan

Dhani provides various loans like personal loans, home loans, business loans, etc., known to be taken at a meagre interest rate and processing fee. The loan repayment tenure is also enough for anyone, although if you want to increase it, you can pay some extra charges. It’s pretty easy to get the credit line as well, and once you get the credit line, you can take any pain without submitting documents every time. These features make the Dhani app one of the best in the market. 

FeaturesIt is straightforward and convenient to take a loan from the Dhani app. Dhani provides a variety of loans to all the citizens of India who are eligible for the loan. You can take any loan you want within minutes. There are many options available, from personal loans to home loans, and that too, at a meagre interest rate and processing fee.
Eligibility criteriaYou need to be a citizen of India to take a loan from the Dhani app. Your income must have to he above a specific minimum limit, and you need to have a regular source of income. Your age must have to be either equal to 18 or more than that to take any loan.
Application process (Online)The application process to take a loan from the Dhani app is very simple and convenient. It is pretty easy to fill and can be submitted within minutes. The loan also gets approved within few minutes.
Documents RequiredThere are some documents required according to the type of loan you want. Some of the standard copies are, Aadhaar card, passport, voter ID card, driving license, etc.; income proof and other documents are also required.
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Eligibility criteria

There are some eligibility criteria that we need to pay attention to. Without knowing all the eligibility criteria, you can’t take a loan from the Dhani app. These criteria are essential as they show the credibility of the applicant. 

We have mentioned all the eligibility criteria below:

  • First of all, you need to be a citizen of India to be able to take a loan from the Dhani app. 
  • You also need to have a regular source of income, so that the loan repayment remains smooth. You all need to have a certain minimum monthly salary. 
  • Your age is also a very important factor and you can’t go beyond that. The minimum allowed age is 18 years whereas the maximum allowable age is 55 years. 

Most of the eligibility criteria mentioned here are taken from all the loans offered by the Dhani app. 

Dhani Instant Loan Application process

The application process to take a loan from the Dhani app is very easy and convenient to fill. You can apply for any type of loan without any paperwork and documentation. The entire process runs wholly online, and that makes it very convenient and hassle-free. You can opt for any particular loan you want during the form filling. Later you can choose the loan amount and tenure. 


The online process is mentioned below:

Step I – first of all, you need to download the Dhani app either from the play store or from its official website, www.dhani.com 

Step II- now, you need to get yourself registered on the app. For that, you can either use your phone number, email id, or any other documents. You also need to link your bank account with the app. 

Step III – once the registration is over, you should start filling the application form. You need to be very careful while filling the application form. Here you can choose the loan amount and tenure. 

Step IV – now, you need to submit the scanned images of the documents required. After the documents are uploaded, you can submit the application form.

Step V – you need to wait for a few minutes, as it takes some time for documents verification and validation. Once the documents are verified, the amount will be directed to your account. 

Documents required

The documents required to take a loan from the Dhani app are mentioned below:

  • Identity proof – Aadhaar card, passport, voter ID card, etc.
  • Address proof – Aadhaar card, driving license, passport, etc.
  • Income proof – for which you can either use the bank statement of the last few months or the most recent salary slip. You can also use other documents as per needs and requirements. 
  • A pan card is also essential for a successful KYC. 

Frequently asked questions

What is the maximum amount which we can borrow in a personal loan from the Dhani app?

The maximum amount which you can take is 15 lakhs, whereas the minimum amount is 1,000. This provides a lot of flexibility to everyone who wants to take a personal loan.

Are there any prepayment penalties or charges?

No, there aren’t any prepayment penalties or charges till a limit. Suppose you have a personal loan, then there aren’t any prepayment penalties if the loan amount is up to 20,000; otherwise, there will be one equivalent to 5% of the loan amount after six months. 

Do loans like business loans and personal loans require any collateral?

No, these loans come under the category of unsecured loans and don’t need any collateral.

What is the period in which the loan gets transferred into my bank account?

All the loan from Dhani app approves instantly and gets transferred into your account within minutes. However, sometimes it might take a long time because of some glitches.

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