Free Full credit report | How to check free annual credit report

How to get your Free Credit Score & Annual Credit Report online? | CIBIL Score 2023. Imagine yourself as a bank or any lending institution and keep disbursing the loans to your customers belonging to different walks of life. As you keep giving the loans/credit to your customer base, you would at one point realize how necessary it is to assess the credibility/merit of a customer to discharge the loan before sanctioning the same. At any point it has become inevitable to assess the creditworthiness of a customer to reduce the potential bad debts in a financial institution.

Credit score is a numerical expression assigned to a customer by the credit bureaus after studying his historical credit information available with them. These credit bureaus study payment history of loans and credit cards to prepare their credit reports which are eventually used by the banks and financial institutions in the evaluation of loan applications.

Free Full credit report

How to check your free annual credit report from CIBIL?


CIBIL (Credit Information Bureau India Limited) is India’s first Credit Information Company (CIC) founded in August 2000. Credit report. Members of CIBIL comprising a wide range of banks, financial institutions provide the CIBIL with the payment history of loans and credits granted to their customers. CIBIL would study this information and prepare the credit information reports and credit scores of the customers and submit them to the member banks and financial institutions. These reports are used by the banks and financial institutions to evaluate and approve the loan applications they receive.

Free Credit Reports to the Individuals from the credit information companies like CIBIL:

Reserve bank of Indian in the month of September2016 has issued a notification addressing all the credit information companies to provide one free full credit report to individuals whose credit history is available with them. It has been stated in the notification that these shall be provided from January 1, 2017. It is also directed that the credit information companies shall notify on their website the procedure for accessing the Free full credit reports.

Following is the RBI Notification in this regard.

Free CIBIL Score RBI Notification

Click here to Download RBI Official Notification

How to check your free full credit report from CIBIL?


Visit the link Here under the heading “ONLINE FREE CIBIL SCORE & REPORT ORDER FORM”, you can find an arrangement of 3 main lines as shown in the below image

CIBIL Free Credit Score

Select the option “I want my Free CIBIL Score & Report” and provide the details asked such as email address, DOB, Gender and PAN. If you do not have a PAN, details of any other ID proof would enough to submit. Then enter the captcha code and click on ‘submit’. Further you will have to provide your address and number then click on the submit button. Then comes a pop-up page showing the difference between free CIBIL report & paid CIBIL credit report. Skip it by clicking on ‘no thanks’


Further you will have to provide an alternate e-mail address. However, this is optional, can be skipped if you feel unnecessary. Then you will receive an SMS & an email having the details of login credentials to access your free full credit report.

Then visit the following link to log in using the credentials your received.

Click Here for Official Website

After successful login you can find your credit score being shown in the welcome page at the top bar.

Check your free annual credit report from CIBIL

Detailed credit information report can be accessed here and the same can be downloaded as a PDF.

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