Indian Oil Citi Platinum credit card: Features, Benefits, Reward

Indian Oil Citi Platinum credit card: Like many other banks, Citi Bank too has come up with credit cards of different types that are oriented for purposes like travel, shopping, fuel, lifestyle and cash back. Under the category of fuel, in collaboration with the Indian oil corporation there are 2 credit cards named Indian Oil Citi Platinum credit card and Indian Oil Citi Titanium credit card offered by Citi Bank in India. In this blog post we bring you the important information about Indian Oil Citi Platinum credit card for those looking to save as much as possible on fuel purchases.

Key features of the card:

1Annual feea)     Rs.1000 If annual purchases are < Rs. 30,000

b)     Nil if annual purchases are Rs.30,000 or above through the card.

2Interest Rate3.25% per month which can change periodically based on total spend payback history and utilization patterns.
3Credit limit &

Cash advance limit

These limits will be communicated at the time of issue.
4Any add on cardsNo add on cards are offered
5EMI OptionEMI option is available on purchases above Rs 2500
6Utility bill paymentOnline utility bill payment service is available with over 150 listed service providers across India
7Instant LoanInstant loan will ba sanctioned based on factors such as credit history, credit limit and usage pattern.

Benefits of Indian Oil Citi Platinum credit card:

1. Turbo points at 2.67% on purchases at Indian Oil corporation outlets:

For every Rs.150 of fuel purchased from Indian Oil Outlets, one would get 4 turbo points where each turbo point is worth Rs 1. The Turbo Points that accrue in this category would be capped to purchase amount of Rs.10, 000 (or 267 Turbo Points) per transaction. On transactions exceeding Rs.10, 000 no turbo points would be accrued. Along with this one will get Full waiver of the fuel surcharge (1%) on fuel purchases.

To avail the above benefits, the card must be swiped on Citibank EDCs only. 

2. Turbo points at 2.67% on purchases from featured partners – (4X):

One can earn 4 Turbo Points for every Rs.150 purchase at Citi Bank’s featured partner. Featured partners would vary from time to time. For the terms and conditions attached to this, you may refer

3. Turbo points on daily expense – (2X):

You will get 2 Turbo Points on every Rs.150 spent at groceries and supermarkets that are identified and applicable for this offer. For details such as the list of applicable stores, You can refer, This is capped to spends up to Rs.5,000 per month. Beyond this, you will get 1 Turbo Point per Rs.150. 

4. 1 Turbo point for every Rs 150 spent:

Payments made using this card at all the stores which are not covered in above (4X & 2X) 3 reward categories will give you 1 turbo point for every Rs.150. And these are unlimited.

5. No expiry of Turbo points:

The turbo points earned over the period will never get expired as long as the account is active. And the minimum points needed to redeem are 250 points.

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