PF Claim Status 2023: How to Check EPF Claim Status Online

PF Claim Status 2023: Provident Fund is something about which we all are aware. Our employers deduct it and remit it towards our PF Account.

We have read in my previous article about UAN – Universal Account Number with the help of which we can track our account balance, check interest accumulated, check periodic payments added towards our monthly deduction of PF, how can UAN remain the same even when we have transferred our jobs from one employer to another.

PF Claim Status

However, when we are in need of money, it is very important for us to know as to how can we withdraw the money from our PF Account. And how can we check the status of the PF withdrawal request made by us.

So, let us get a brief insight about how can we obtain the claim status of our Provident Fund (PF).

With the up gradation in technology, all the aspects related to addition and withdrawal of PF have become online. So, now PF claim status can be checked online.

There are two ways to check PF claim status:

  • On UAN Portal
  • On EPFO Website

Let us understand these two ways in detail:

A) On UAN Portal (Universal Account No. Portal)

  • Visit the UAN website After visiting the website, Enter your UAN, enter your password and then enter the captcha characters to login into your account.
  • After you log in to your account, go to the “Online Services” section and select “Track Claim Status”. It will redirect you towards another page.
  • On clicking “Track Claim Status” in the newly opened web page, recently updated claim status will be displayed.

By observing it, you can understand what is the present status of your claim and if there are any errors or discrepancies in it. In case of any error or discrepancy, you can rectify the same and resubmit your PF Claim.

B) On EPFO Website (Employee Provident Fund Website)

  • Visit the EPFO website After visiting the website, you need to click on “Our Services” and then you need to select “For Employees” from the drop down.
  • Click Here for Direct Link
  • After clicking on the same, a new web page will appear. In this webpage, under Services head click on “Know your Claim Status”. On clicking it, you will be asked to click on “Click here to get redirected to passbook application”. (This has been done to prevent leakage of personal data of members and to prevent fraud and to avoid mishandling of your PF account).
  • On clicking the above tab, you need to sign in into your account using your UAN and password.
  • After signing in, you need to select the Member ID and click on one of the options which is – “View Claim Status”. Upon selection of this section, you can view last updated claim status details on the webpage.
pf claim status

In the above two ways, PF claim status can be checked online.

I hope this will help you to check your PF Status frequently and help you resolve any discrepancies present there in and help you to get your PF withdrawal

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