Saraswat Bank Balance Enquiry Number, Saraswat Bank Missed Call No

Saraswat Bank Balance Enquiry Number: Saraswat Bank provided a toll free number 9223040000 for balance enquiry. Missed Call on this toll free number Saraswat Bank will send you mini bank statement on your registered mobile number. The account balance checking number is- 9223040000. The missed call process is to be done on this number using your registered mobile number.

Important – Official Missed call balance enquiry number of all Banks

Saraswat Bank Balance Enquiry Number

Check Saraswat Bank Balance details by dialing Miss call number of CSB number 9223040000. Call on this number your call auto disconnect after some rings and get account details in minutes. Are you looking for Saraswat Bank balance checking number ? Well, Saraswat Bank recently introduce missed call alert number – 9223040000 . Miss call on this number and get balance details.

Saraswat Bank Balance Enquiry

Saraswat Bank, SIB Balance enquiry number is – 9223040000 Dial on this number and it will disconnect after one ring automatically. Missed call balance checking number of CSB is – 9223040000. If you have Saraswat Bank account and you want know bank balance without any ATM or internet, then you are on right place. You just have to dial this number to get bank account information on your mobile.

Saraswat Bank Balance Enquiry – 9223040000

Saraswat Bank Mini Statement – 9223501111

To overcome the limitation of inadequate mobile connectivity and to habituate our customers for mobility platforms, we have enabled following facilities through Missed call –

FacilityMobile no. Information 
Balance of any 3 accounts9223040000Balance will be informed by SMS for 3 accounts. (Savings/Current/Overdraft accounts)
Last five transactions of primary account9223501111Last five transactions will be informed by SMS for primary account.
Temporary blocking of Card9595637637All the cards linked with the mobile number will get temporary blocked and confirmation message will be sent to the customer.
Unblocking of Card9595638638All the cards linked with the mobile number will get activated and confirmation message will be sent to the customer.
Know your Customer Id9029050017After giving Missed call, Customer iD will be informed by SMS.
Mobile Banking Registration9702718668Customer will be registered for Mobile Banking & confirmation SMS will be sent to customer along with links to download GoMo Mobile banking application.

Saraswat Bank Customer Care Number for General Enquiries

For queries related to Loans, Deposits, Service charges, Rate of interest on Deposit/Loans & information related to ATMs and Credit Cards


1800229999 (Toll Free India)

Email: [email protected]

Saraswat Bank SMS Banking Services

SMS Banking brings the Banking at your fingertips. Bank has introduced the SMS Banking Facility for its customers.

  • All the below-mentioned SMS requests should be sent through the registered mobile number only.
  • The keywords are case-sensitive.
  • Please do NOT type the pointed or square brackets in your SMS.
  • There should be a single space between each word in the syntax.
  • You have to type the 15 Digit Account No (e.g 003203100000010) in the keyword.
  • The keywords and their syntax for SMS Requests are given below:
  • Mobile Banking Number – 9223810000
RequestSMS MessageInformation
Balance EnquirySend keyword as SBAL(Space) (15 digit Account no) to 9223810000



SBAL 003203100000010                SBAL 003100100000012

Provides the balance for a specified account number.(Current/Saving/Overdraft accounts). The account number is optional. If no account number is specified, balance of primary account will be provided. In case of multiple accounts, balance of three accounts will be provided.
Last 5 transactionsSend keyword as LST5 (Space) (15 digit Account no) to 9223810000.


Example: LST5 003203100000010

LST5 003100100000012

Provides the last five transactions in the specified account. The account number is optional. If no account number is specified, last five transactions of primary account will be provided.
Stop payment of chequeSend keyword as STOPCHQ(Space) (15 digit Account no) (Space) (Cheque No.) to 9223810000.

Example – STOPCHQ 126203100009999 12345

Specific Cheque will be stopped and informed by SMS.
Register your e-mail id.Send keyword as EMAILID(Space) ( to 9223810000.

Example – EMAILID [email protected]

Your email id will be registered as Registered Email ID (REID) and confirmed by SMS.
Unlocking of ATM PINSend keyword as UNLOCKCARD to 9223810000.PIN, if locked due to wrong attempts, will be released.

For Financial transactions

Facility SMS Message format  Information 
Inter Bank Fund Transfer (Based on IFSC code)IMPSA [beneficiary CBS Account no] [Beneficiary IFSC] [Transaction amount] [Remitter MMID] [Transaction PIN] to 9223810000 After sending SMS funds will be transferred to beneficiary account. T-pin is your mobile banking transaction password.
Inter Bank Fund Transfer (Based on Mobile no)IMPSP [beneficiary mobile no] [Beneficiary MMID] [Transaction amount] [Remitter MMID] [Transaction PIN] to 9223810000After sending SMS funds will be transferred to beneficiary account. T-pin is your mobile banking transaction password.

Requirements to Use Saraswat Bank Balance Enquiry Facility

  • To use this free facility, your mobile number should have been registered for mobile banking services with Saraswat Bank
  • If your number is already registered with your bank, you can directly call the above listed number’s .
  • If your mobile number is not registered, you will get an SMS as “Your mobile number is not registered for this service”, then please follow registration procedure or Visit o Saraswat Bank Branch and Register your Mobile number with your Saraswat Bank Account.
  • If you have multiple savings accounts with the same bank, the default account will be the latest opened account and you will be able to check only default account balance…
  • This service is available on domestic mobile numbers only

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