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Security Review Program: In today’s economy information is the gold. Information can help a company get an edge over others. For the protection of information security systems are in place. The main work of such systems is protection of assets from harm. This lead to minimum loss. If the systems can protect assets and minimize losses then it is considered good system. Although, it is important to understand that sometimes it is hard to save assets from loss because some loss will always happen. But with the execution of proper security systems, many losses can be avoided. Now check more details about “Security Review Program” from below…..

Security Review Program

Two types of Information security systems.

There are two ways to protect information security systems:

  • Protection of physical assets of an organisation.
  • Protect the software and information online.

The security program regularly and periodically run the test to ensure assets are safe. It is the security administrator’s job to do the initial review, since it is crucial. This is where the administrator calculate how much security is required by an asset.

The security review after the first review will modify according to changes in the environment. It is also very important to make a draft of the security policy for people to follow. Also, it is very important to follow and measure changes along with the draft. This can help see and track the changes.

It is important that auditors also check with security administrator that the security reviews are happening regularly.

Preparation of Security Plan

If a good security review plan is made, it will lead to minimum loss as well as bring great clarity. It will also give direction to the whole process.

A plan should have the following: 

Identify assets: It all depend upon the size of the organisation as well as the assets of the organisation.
For a multinational corporation assets will be spread in many countries. It is administrator’s job to make a list of all the assets. If the assets are more, it would lead to a costlier process.

Valuation: All the assets need to be valued in order to make a proper draft plan. Since different people value assets differently. It can be hard for companies to properly make draft plans because no two asset values can be similar. This can cause difficulties in measuring the performance versus the budget. 

Identification of Threat: Many threats can arise from external and internal sources. The draft plan should account for them. The draft plan should properly identify threats and come up with plans to resolve them. The administrator must also gather observations, test the draft plans according to actuals.

If no plan is in action the exposure to asset increases. If the threat is huge it is hard to manage it.

Therefore the report should have all the analysis and should suggest new areas where it can improve. This will lead to less loss.


For any organisation it is imperative that they must have security reviewing plans in action. This will in turn always give the administrators a direction to move in and also keep the damage to assets or loss of an asset in check. This way companies can minimize their loss and preserve their assets for a longer duration.

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