Startup Companies in India, Ways to improve your Startup In India

Startup Companies in India – Ways to improve your Startup reputation in India, Overview of the Startup Companies in India, This article is about the recent trends seen in the markets of the India which is about the youngsters starting up their company and doing some innovative which others are not able to do. This period of India is considered to be the age of startups in which a huge amount of startups have been registered and are in process to go on and register. The large investors such as Angel Investors and others are also ready to invest in the startup which encourages them to develop more.

Startup Companies in India – Ways to improve your Startup

Which factors influence the reputation of the startups??

  • Experience – This factor influences the most because even if any person has done degree from the best of the college than also if he is not having the experience of working with any of the organization than it is of no use to the startup as he is not having the idea about working with the professionals.
  • Operation Industry – The industry in which operates, if the investors are interested in investing in that industry than it would be the beneficial one as all the sectors are not so much likely for the investors.
  • Revenues – The revenues of the startup matters as if in the short point of time, if they have achieved good success than it would qualify as the good source for investing.
  • Goodwill of the firm – If the firm is good at providing services and there are no customer rejections then it would be qualified as good start up for investing.
  • Number of Employees – The number of employees present influences but really it does not influences that much. If there are more number of employees than we can assume that the business is running in good profit which would enable them to payout to the employees.

Data Analysis:-

As far as the Startup Companies are considered, almost 80,000 jobs have been already created by the start ups. By 2020, the government is expecting that the startups would create around 2, 50,000 jobs and getting startups up to the mark of 11,500.

Tax Relaxation:-

As in country like India, the tax structure is much complex than any other country in the world. In a country like India the capital gain rates applicable are around 23% which is 10% in case of other companies which is a large difference. For boosting the startups the Government of India is planning for the tax relaxation for the startups which is a motivating factor for any startup.

Some Reasons for the failure of the Startup:-

  • The first and the foremost reason for the failure of the startup is the wrong decision regarding choosing the industry in which it wants to operate. Every entrepreneur first check the competition amongst the market and chances of the success.
  • The second reason for the failure in the patience to wait for some time and concentrate on the business for making it still and going for the higher growth and not making it still. Every youngster should now that continuous willingness of growing is not beneficial on the part of the businessmen.
  • The startups are expending money like anything as they have no idea as to how much it would cost them later. They do not see whether this expense would be beneficial for them or not. They just want to get the work done, may the cost go to any level.

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