Tips to Make your banking transactions safe, secure credentials

Tips to Make your banking transactions safe, Tips for safe online and mobile banking transactions. Internet banking has really been a genie for the people due to its fast and convenient approach for any transaction. Now you have every bank transaction on your fingertips with luxury of sitting at any corner of the world and getting the work done in real-time.But as we know every coin has two sides, internet banking has its disadvantages too.This article will try to explain to you threats and tips to avoid such unsafe scenarios. Noe check more details regarding “Tips to Make your banking transactions safe”

Tips to Make your banking transactions safe


Password is like a key to your account, which if falls in fraudulent and malicious hands, then you will end up losing every confidential private, financial, and any other information. Hence it is very important to change the password allotted by the bank for the very first time.Also, caution should be exercised to not to set your name, birth date, children’s name, etc. as your password as they can be easily cracked by hackers. You need to change the password at regular intervals as suggested by the administrator by using such a combination as suggested.

Use of public computers

Public computers can be used by anybody, so its very risky to log in to internet banking sites from such public places.This is because the password can be traced or observed by anybody in public places.

Hence be sure to clear the cache and browser history and also temp files created after your login.Always uncheck remember your password prompt by the browser, so that your password won’t be recalled again even if your id is mentioned.

Antivirus Software

Viruses cause an active threat to the safety and security of confidential information stored on computers, laptops as well as any data entered from such computers or laptops. Hence it is very important to install the licensed version of antivirus software. Pirated or free versions fail to protect the system fully, thereby faling to secure the system. It is equally important to update the existing antivirus software when prompted for updation. Be sure about existence and activity of the firewalls to avoid any intruder attack.

Internet connection

Whenever we have a broadband connection or wifi connection, we do not switch off the internet connection after using. this may prove harmful where hackers can access computers or laptops from its IP address remotely and access any confidential information. So be sure to switch off the internet connection after logging out of the banking website.

Banking website

There have been many instances where the malicious hackers have designed a fake banking website and sent the link to the account users by email. On clicking such link , banking login window will be opened which is fake, where if you enter your actual details like login id and password , the fraudster will be able to access your bank account. So you must type banking url in browser window rather than clicking the links from any email.


Last but not the least, you must not disclose any of your bank information like login ID, password, pin, etc. via phone or mail even to bank. Because the bank won’t ask you to do the same. keep checking your bank accounts periodically to detect any discrepancies if any.


Any boon can be turned into curse if not used properly. The same applies to internet banking also. So be sure, be alert and be aware to ensure that your online banking sessions can prove useful as well safe for you.

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