Two Best Investments To Double Your Savings: Complete Guide

Two Best Investments To Double Your Savings, Once we start earning, we look forward towards making the best investments to get the best returns out of our surplus money. Your financial intelligence is tested here. The investments you make show not just your risk bearing capacity, but also how financially intelligent you are.

Here, we will discuss the two quickest and simplest ways to double your savings. However, if the return is high, the risk associated with it will always be moderate or high.

So, only if you are ready to face the risk, you should go for these investments. Also, never invest all your money in the same investment. There should be a proper allocation of your savings to make sure you have money when you actually need it.

Two Best Investments To Double Your Savings

So, let us proceed towards our main topic. What are those 2 investments?

Investment in Real Estate

Well, the first one of them is Real Estate. People make Lakhs of rupees in buying and selling Real Estate.

Now, you must be thinking about the Capital gains tax. Well, you need to plan for that too. Once, you book a gain one real estate property; start looking for another property to invest in. In this way, you can delay your tax liability for a long time.

Also, if the question is about a huge initial investment, then again that is a thing not to be worried for! You can just pay a token amount and book your deal. Once the deal is set, start looking for new buyers who will pay you good enough. In this way you can make money easily.
But for this, you need to be financially intelligent & you should also have good real estate agents who will take you to the right property.

Investment in Stocks

The second best investment is investments in stocks. To be specific, here I am not talking about investing in SIPs or Mutual Funds. Those are good and safe investments but their returns are quite low.

Also, you need to pay charges to your fund managers. So, it will lower your income in hand.
I am talking about investing in start – ups, in companies that you think will grow over time. The shares of these companies are available at a far less price as compared to other ‘safe’ companies, but once these companies expand or get new projects, their stock prices start touching the sky. Again, this is true only for 5 out of 10 start ups. But, it is on you that how you calculate the risk and rewards and then choose the companies to invest in.

Also, I mentioned earlier, that do not pool all your savings just for one company or a particular type of investment. So, instead of investing in just one company, split that amount in 2 or 3 companies, so that the aggregate risk becomes tolerable.

Blue chip companies

Also, you can invest in Blue chip companies like Infosys, TCS, Reliance Industries, ITC, HDFC, ICICI, SBI, etc. May be not in the short run, but in the long run, these companies will definitely provide great returns.

You can also invest part of your investments in safe investments and part in aggressive investments to balance your portfolio.

The most important thing for both the above investments is that you need to overcome your fear of facing risks and stop playing safe, if your goal is to be financially independent.

Also, there is a difference between taking a blind risk and taking a calculated risk. Just make sure, you always take calculated risks in all your investments.

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