HDFC Balance Enquiry Number 2023, HDFC Balance Check No

HDFC Balance Enquiry Number 2023 shows a summary of all the money that an account holder deposits or withdraws from the account. It helps track finances, checks HDFC Bank account balance, saves from any fraudulent activity, and understand the spending habits on a regular basis. HDFC Bank is considered to be one of the leading banks in India. HDFC Bank Headquartered in Mumbai, HDFC Bank was incorporated in August 1994 and has 5,130 branches and 13,395 ATMs in 2,764 cities/towns (as of June 30, 2019). The bank offers a wide range of banking and financial services in India.

Important – balance enquiry number

HDFC Bank Balance Enquiry

For HDFC Bank account balance check, Call on 18002703333 and give a miss call. Miss call on below toll free number and HDFC Bank will send you mini bank statement on your registered mobile number.

HDFC Balance Enquiry through SMSSMS “BAL” to 5676712
HDFC Balance Enquiry through Net BankingVisit Here
HDFC Balance Enquiry through Missed CallGive miss call on 18002703333
HDFC Mini StatementMiss call on 18002703355
HDFC Balance Enquiry through Mobile BankingHDFC Mobile app
HDFC Bank Balance Enquiry through USSDEnter *99#

By giving a missed call

HDFC Bank Account holders should give a miss call on the following number with the registered mobile number to know the HDFC Bank Account Balance.

HDFC Bank Balance by missed call – 18002703333

Last 5 Transactions Mini Statement – 18002703355

To get the list of last three transactions, account holders should give a miss call on the following number with the registered mobile number.

  • 18002703355

On giving missed call on the above mentioned numbers, call will be disconnected automatically and account holders would receive the account balance through SMS on registered mobile number.

Register for SMS Banking instantly by sending an SMS:

Net Banking

HDFC Bank Account holders who have availed the facility of net banking can check the account balance through net banking. Account-holders should log in using the User ID and password and check the account balance tab available on the dashboard.

HDFC Bank Customers can avail their HDFC bank account Balance through the HDFC net banking website or via HDFC mobile banking platform

Mobile Banking

Account holders can download the HDFC Banking and UPI apps on their smartphones to check the account balances.

Now call below numbers to access Banking services

  • Call 1800-270-3333 to get your account Balance
  • Call 1800-270-3355 to get your Mini statement
  • Dial 1800-270-3366 to give request for Cheque Book
  • Call 1800-270-3377 to give request for Account Statement

HDFC Mobile app is available on Google Play and App Store whereas. This UPI app is available only on Google Play. This UPI app is available in 12 vernacular languages.

HDFC Balance Enquiry by SMS Banking

Account holders need to SMS “BAL” to 5676712 from the registered mobile number to enquire HDFC account balance in case user is having single account. The balance displayed will be for primary account.

For multiple accounts, account holders need to SMS “BAL<space>Last 6 digits of Account Number” to 5676712 from the registered mobile number. The HDFC Balance Enquiry SMS Show balance displayed will be of secondary accounts.

Type the below keyword for the transaction and send it to to 5676712

  • “bal” for Balance Enquiry
  • “txn” for Mini Statement
  • “cst <6 digit cheque no.>” for Cheque Status Enquiry

HDFC Balance Enquiry by Passbook

The easiest way to know the account balance is to visit the branch of HDFC bank and get the passbook updated.

HDFC Balance Enquiry by ATM Cards

The process to verify the account balance using ATM card is as follows

  • Account holder need to visit the nearest ATM of any bank with valid HDFC ATM card.
  • Insert the HDFC ATM card.
  • Select “HDFC Balance Enquiry” option.
  • On selecting, the balance will be displayed on the screen.

Customer Care

HDFC Bank Account holders can call the customer care number 1800 425 4332 to enquire the account balance. After calling, select the “language” and “banking option”. Enter the 12 digit account number or 16 digit debit card number. Enter the ATM pin to get the account balance.

How to Register Mobile for missed Call Service?

  • HDFC Customers Need to Send SMS to 5676712 from your HDFC Bank registered Mobile number in the below format
    REGISTER <Custid> <Last 5 Digits of A/c No.>
  • HDFC SMS Banking for your Registered mobile number will get registered instantly.


HDFC Bank Customers Register for SMS Banking via online mode in 3 simple steps using HDFC Net Banking:

  • Login using your Customer ID and IPIN
  • Click on SMS Banking Registration
  • Fill in the required details


Customers can also register for SMS Banking in 3 simple steps using HDFC ATM:

  • Enter your HDFC ATM PIN
  • Go to Options Tab on the Home Page
  • Register for Mobile Banking


Download the HDFC SMS Banking application form, fill it, sign it and drop it off at the nearest HDFC Bank Branch

Frequently Asked Questions

How to check hdfc balance by miss call

For knowing your HDFC bank account balance, give a missed call to the toll free number 1800-270-3333 by registered mobile no. To get the hdfc account mini statement, you can give a missed call to yet another toll free number 1800-270-3355.

Can account holders check the account balance using smartphones, if yes, how?

Account holders can check the account balance using smartphones. They need to download the HDFC app and HDFC UPI app on their smartphones. HDFC is available on Google Play and App Store whereas HDFC is available on Google Play.

Is it necessary to visit bank branch to enquire account balance?

No, it is not necessary to visit bank branch to enquire account balance. Account holders can get account balance by giving a miss call to 5676712 from registered mobile number, using net banking or mobile banking or SMS “BAL” from registered mobile number, or by calling customer care number 5676712

How can an account holder use net-banking to enquire about the account balance?

Account-holders can log in the net-banking portal with the help of Login User ID and Password to check the account balance. In case the account holder is not registered for net banking, he needs to visit the branch to get himself registered.

Can HDFC ATM cards be used to check account balance?

Yes, HDFC ATM cards can be used to check the account balance.

Do account holders need to visit only HDFC ATMs to check the account balance?

No, account holders can use any ATMs to check the account balance. The only requirement is to carry an HDFC ATM card.