Register with Amazon as seller – Step by Step Guide with all details

Register with Amazon as seller. Procedure for sell on amazon in India. Now a days you can hardly find a man using no smartphone in urban and semi urban areas. With day to day sophistication of mobile technologies smart phone seems to have become a necessity among the public. There has been lot of change in the internet technologies over the time. Now internet is available to most of the people unlike in 90s. check more details for Register with Amazon as seller

E-commerce revolution is flooding the nook and corner of the country with a vast range of products sold by a huge number of sellers. Shopping online has shrunk the distance in the market place around the globe. Amazon, flip kart and snap deal are changing the fate of many sellers who are placing their products for sale on these e-commerce sites. But there are many sellers having potential market for their products and no idea of selling online with these sites. Let’s learn how to do this.

Register with Amazon as seller

1. Sell Amazon:

This program is brought by Amazon the worlds one of the largest market places and India’s biggest online shopping site followed by its rivals flip kart and snap deal. This facility enables the sellers to list and sell their products on amazon across the globe.

2. Why “Sell Amazon” :

India is a great market for the entrepreneurs. With the large number of people it gives an immense opportunity to market your products. Apart from selling offline if one can able to deliver their products across the country then there would be definitely a tremendous growth in your business. It’s very easy to sell your products online using Amazon.

3. How does this work?

  • First of all you have to register with Amazon as a seller.
  • Then list your products in Amazon.
  • Then the listed products will be seen by the customers who are situated in many parts of the country.
  • If customer makes an order then the same will be sent to you by Amazon.
  • Next you have to make the products ready for shipment.
  • You can even avail the shipment services provided by Amazon so that you do not need to worry about the hassle in delivering the products o the customer.
  • Amazon will make you the payment for the order after charging their fee.
Register with Amazon as seller

4. Things required to register:

  • Contact details
  • Details of your company or firm
  • Basic information of your business
  • GST registration details if your products are taxable
  • Bank account details

5. How to register :

a. In Amazon India website you can find the opting register as seller. You have to click on that, then it will take you to a window which looks like as the following

Click Here for Registration

Register with Amazon as seller

b. There you need to login using your mail id and password if you already have an account with Amazon (the one which you use for buying the products from Amazon). If you don’t have an account then you need to create a new account using your mail id or phone no.

c. Then you will be taken to a window where you need to enter the display name of your business in Amazon’s site and the category of your products. And click on save& continue. (As shown below)

Register with Amazon as seller IMG 2

Next you will be taken to a window for identity verification, where you have to verify your account by using the registered mobile number. (As shown below)

Register with Amazon as seller 3

After successful verification of your account you can see the following screen “Get started” (As shown below)

Register with Amazon as seller 4

After completing these 3 you will be taken to Seller central platform where you can start listing your products and the details like price, delivery charges, shipping time etc.

6. Invoicing:

The sales made to the customers using Amazon India will carry an invoice issued by you with the name and sales tax registration details printed on the invoice. So in legal sense the sales are made by the sellers registered with Amazon and not by Amazon.

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