Should you go for a credit card with annual fee? – Analysis

What is Credit card annual fee?: Credit card annual fee is charged by the credit card provider once a year in respect of the benefits with which the credit cards come. Generally, it’s charged on your card automatically every year. Credit cards with annual fee offer more rewards than those with no annual fee. However, it’s better to assess whether you can receive more benefits than what you pay as annual fee before applying for a credit card with annual fees. In this article, we discuss how to carefully choose a credit card with annual fee. check out more details for “Should you go for a credit card with annual fee” from below.

Compare the cards with similar annual fee range:

Make sure that you have made enough research using the information available on the internet to compare which is the best deal. Consider the rewards that come along with the annual fee. Judge yourself if it is worth compared to the one with no credit cards. Assess whether you can make use of the benefits and rewards that are provided to cards with annual fee.

Check the monthly average spend on card:

It makes sense only when you are able to make use of all the rewards that come with the cards that carry annual fee. If your monthly average spend through the card is not enough to claim the reward points, it is not worth paying the annual fee as the cost of facilities may exceed the benefits that you get in reality. If you are someone who makes frequent card payments then, choosing a credit card with annual fee is better than those with no annual fee. Through this, you can earn valuable reward points which you would not get in the case of cards with no annual fee.

Compare the type of bonus/reward points:

All the reward points do not carry the same value. It may vary based on the kind of purchase and the amount of spend too. So, before you go with a card, make sure that you can get the most out of it. Many cards with no annual fee do not provide value/reward points similar to the one with annual fee.

1st year waiver:

Most of the credit card providers waive the 1st year annual fee offering benefits similar to those that charge the annual fee from the very beginning. So, choose the card carefully to save some extra bucks. Use the online comparing tools to find the best card. And ensure that you read the authentic information by visiting the official website of credit card provider.

Any hidden charges:

Sometimes, one may have to bear the extra charges to claim the original reward points that are accumulated on the card. So, make sure that you have understood all the terms and conditions regarding reward points, bonuses and the claim procedures much before you apply for a card.

Bottom line:

As long as the benefits that come with the card are worth the annual fee you pay, it is okay to go for a card with annual fee. But before going ahead with any card ensure that you have clear understanding of all the aspects of your card.

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