1. PRAKASH says

    New financial years is already start but no update from bank.

    So any one please let me know SSA start in Bank or not????

  2. Diprajit biswas says

    Please inform to me in hindi, My child 5.5 year old and i open this account and every month 1000 rupees deposit, so 14 year after how amount return by government.

  3. Rameshav says

    today I mean on 27/07/2015 opened ssa and deposited rs 3000 in a/c,I need a clarity. whether need to deposit only rs 3000 or can we deposit more than 3000,please let me know sir

  4. vinod parihar says

    Sir Meri beti ku dob 4.5.2005 h kya wo ye khata khulwa skti h.


    Dear sir,

    My child 2 year old . i open this account & every year 1000/- deposit . so kindly confirm me 14 year after how amount return by govt.

    1. Raju Choudhary says


      Please download SSY Maturity Amount Calculator for Calculation of Final Amount, Please Download From Following Link – https://caknowledge.com/download/download-sukanya-shiksha-yojana-investment-calculator/

  6. Dr. Neeraj Soni says

    My question is whether there is any provision that after maturity/ completion of 21 years of account or marriage of account holder, the maturity amount can only be withdrawn by Father and not by daughter ? (Keeping in mind as per present scenario, like escaping of daughters from home, love marriages, or any other types of similas miss happenings.)
    If there is no such provision, is there any other legal way to solve such problem. Please guide.

    1. Raju Choudhary says

      Hi Dr. Neeraj Soni

      As per My Best Knowledge Only Account Holder can withdraw the money and in case of death of account holder legal nominee can withdraw that money. you may get more details from post office.

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